dream it & say it. "yes."

my mission is to help enact your creative vision through effective communication

what i offer

support for your creative vision

  • Ideation


    From early chats about goals to leisurely conversations about dreams, I've been trained in active listening. I'll take your thoughts to heart and put them into actionable sequences that will make sense, so you can achieve your goals. 

  • Research


    Chasing dreams is important work! I'll help you map a strategy. Through my years of extensive acaemic research practice, I have developed a range of specific and improvisational skills, suited to the hyperspeed(ish) changes in daily life. I've also developed a network of wise peers who are graciously willing to help. For many of us, going after a dream is forestalled by lack of information on how to begin in the first place. I'll find the tiny portals that will help you leverage your talents and skills by directing them appropriately and in the right time and place. 

  • Strategic Planning

    Strategic Planning

    Brainistorming sessions are the best! But I'll help you move beyond simple whiteboard daydreaming to devleop a project plan with actionable tasks. I'll help you prioritize, focus, touch base with reality, pivot (if necessary), and keep moving in the direction of your goals.

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